Unholy Order by Ken.

on April 4, 2010 in Ken
bdsm rope art cruel bdsm drawings torture bdsm art torture bdsm drawings

Unholy Order Normally, females are extremely curious beings, but if a lady is reporter and spying after an illegal group of the sex-minded fanatics with a juggy young friends of hers, both lassies will get hostages of those brutal bdsm comics beasts sooner or later! Well, they are exposed very fast and grabbed by harsh monks immediately. For them, there starts a hellish bdsm art Bacchanalia that will have no end and won’t finish until both lovelies will fall breathless on the ground. Lying naked on the moist floor in the dark prison cell, gals dreams of nothing but fleeing, but it was not to be! The insatiable cruel comics hangsmen are tearing their bodies and hanging on the ropes. This time sexy reporters ended up in a real brutal comics Odyssey! Click here to read full story

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