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new to slavery
The battle was lucky, as guys managed to capture two goodly bitches. And we can relish in the fabulous cruel comics in which the roped lassies perform the most depraved and perverted sexual desires. This short-haired heo had the greatest luck as she had to suck off a long fat Rumple Foreskin and straddle her legs widely for tough hardcore forbidden fruit, but her girlfriend had to go through some horrors. I guess it wasn’t very pleasant for her when the electric cables were fixed on her chinchilla and Gert Stonkers. These cruel comics made us laugh above ass as it was a real fun!

MARS PENAL COLONY It’s high time you watched the cruel comics the plot of which takes place on the unfamiliar planet. The full of piss and vinegar Earth dwellers have enslaved local inhabitants again and made them work for themselves. Unhappy dark-skinned guys work in the labs day and night, and then languish in the cages. They are yearning for food and sexy princesses. The heroes of the bdsm comix picked up several beautiful babes with themselves not in vain whom they are ready to give to the sexually hungry muzhiks. The roped sweeties with lugged mouths are bearing pain and suffering from everybody!

Confiscated Twins
Depraved Mrs. Bauer lives from hand to mouth practicing eroticism and giving her attractions to every Tom, Dick and Harry, but what her surprise is when the new owner of her lodging expresses desire to create a new bdsm comic galleries hell with both of her young luscious daughties! The gals are harnessed like horses, fucked while being cabled, have own tits used as baskets in supermarkets, whatever… but all this for the sake of new cultic bdsm comic galleries!

Chain Gang
This atrocious White Slavery returns in the USA in this bdsm toon comic story telling about thousands of ultra sexy and peachy baby dolls being secretly kidnapped, transported and derided in the most terrible and awful bdsm toon comic cells! Here is one of them denuded, leathered and fucked, while the other one’s pussies are atrociously screwed!

What does a young bitch have to put up with in cruel comics? You won’t envy of her breasts as pinky rosebuds are pierced with iron rings all through, and the stick is walking across her ripe melons in a merciless way. Possibly, the heroine of the cruel comics would scream and call for help, but her tiny mouth is widely opened with mouth-holder, but tremendous plug doesn’t vent out her moans! What expects a green-eyed chick in the cruel comics? It is no impossible that violent blowjob or hot lashing will pursue her as she looks really so much cool! The hangsman is unmerciful and he conceived a few exotic positions for kitten.

I don’t know what the fault of the good brunette (the heroine of cruel comics) is, but a terrible dispatch expects her. Beaten and assaulted, with breasts through-pierced with iron nails, she drags through the whole town. A hangsman expects her already in the square, having prepared a long sharpened stab beforehand. This female martyr is to sit down exactly on that pole in the cruel comics. The pussy gets torn apart and bleeds. Bitter gasps come out of the tortured female chest, and the crowd exults exited by the sight of bruises, trimmings and tears. The cruel comics atrocities don’t limit themselves yet…

Missing in Shanghai Kitty Hand Comely blondes shouldn’t go alone in the uninhabited streets or otherwise they will be grabbed by the male company like the heroine of this cruel comics. Have guys really decided to hold a bunch punch?! Oh, no! They’ll get this heifer to rather hot and bothered damsels that just dream of some prostitute licking off their clean-shaven kebabs. Take relish at the exclusive cruel comics and you will see what whores are doing with a tied blonde and how they make her ride on the dildos and entertain old dodderers!

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The Collection Gary Roberts Salacious womanizers adore cruel comics with alluring morts
Just see what the guys in masks are doing with innocent gals in brutal bdsm comics! They tie poor souls, get their potato holes plugged and make them leap on the long strapons! Don’t pay attention to the girl’s gasps and groans as they like to have own cunt holes elaborated by he sex toys very much. And girls also care for enticing male hands groping inside their pinky and soaking girlish vaginas and stick iron pegs on their nipples! It puts so much hair on their chests! But the boys have already played with kitties quite eough and are now ready to get down to the sizzling adult sex.