Pony Farm by Takamura, Illustrated by Thorn.

on March 31, 2010 in Takamura, Thorn
bdsm drawing enema torture ponygirl ponygirls comics pony girls novel

Pony Farm Read all about how a woman gets turned into a sexy pony at the pony farm with this BDSM art that shows you every torturous step to make her transformation complete.
Don’t go to this pony farm and expect to see any real ponies! Instead, what you’re treated to is a bunch of subservient women being showed to a mass audience after being tortured and made to submit until they become their master’s cute little ponies! The process is a rough one in these brutal BDSM comics for breaking the girl’s spirit, with whips, chains, gags and even enemas showing the girls who’s the boss now. Teresa goes from being a woman with no real purpose to a perfect busty pony girl. Click here to read full novel

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