Payback is a Bitch by Fernando.

on March 30, 2010 in Fernando
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Payback's a Bitch She left her friend in a bad neighborhood for a man, but she’s going to pay in BDSM art by having her body harshly tortured and fucked by her and her new friends.
Girls can be really mean to each other, huh? Jenna and Violet are really good friends from school. But as soon as Jenna could score a hot guy, she dumps Violet out of her car into a terrible neighborhood in these brutal BDSM comics! You know she won’t let that slide, and she’s got a plan to get her back the next day. She made some friends in that neighborhood who kidnap her. They beat and fuck her before Violet finishes the job, even fucking the man that she wanted to bang right in front of her!
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