using my slavegirl An office worker who is unsatisfied with his society position and role wishes to have a bright sxy life and command an army of naked young female slaves! Marianne is his only real chance to put into life all his vintage bdsm comics nightmares! After undressing and binding this bdsm art poor soul, Robert gets her hanged on the hook and squeezes nipples with pinches and gets her neck tied to the pole. His most awful vintage bdsm comics dreams start coming true! Later on, Marianne is joined by one more lovely well-stacked prisoner! The whole vintage bdsm comics is repeating over and over! There’s no end to the bdsm artwork torments on the side of Robert!


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fansadox world The future promises us not only wealth and prosperity. Why? Most of fantasy writers claim that the future will bring new violent laws, slave markets and Church ruling whole continents. Look at these amazing heroines of the burning bdsm torture comics and all atrocities the bdsm art masters of the world would do with poor sluts! Come on, babes! The bdsm torture comics you are going to end up in are not gonna be pity-taking to you! Your Norma Snockers, fumbler’s halls and all other geography bits will know what a bdsm torture comics host can do when his phallus is mad!


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caribbean pirates The tighter Caribbean pirates were bound in the underdeck and the less they ate, the greater their xxx bdsm comics hunger for developed lily-white maidens grew! The corsairs knew there were two lovable busty sheilas: Vanessa Reisenfel and Nancy onboard! After a short furious revolt on the ship, the soldiers and officers are killed or captured alive! And here starts the raunchiest xxx bdsm comics Bacchanalia the gangster’s world has ever witnessed! With torn clothing and flogged back, both ladies are tortured and screwed into all holes! Come on! Looks like pirate’s bdsm artwork won’t finish until England!


the electrician When a guy is crazy about bdsm art and seeks for new preys from time to time (young busty sissies mostly of course , one of them will get into his harsh merciless brutal bdsm comics hands sooner or later! This time she is a young thrilling thing that has all chances to become his most beloved bdsm art heroine after all todays’s hair-raiser! After denuding and roping her on the table, He put her hand down and got down to fondling her large super sweet breasts! She can only cry and sob begging for mercy and saying she is ready to undergo all seven circles of his cruel comics! But he hasn’t pleased his tremendous penis today yet…

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rome This brutal templeton bdsm comics returns us to the Ancient Roman times and traditions of buying and deriding over slaves. Slaves were not better than cattle in the Ancient Roman, and Brutus and Crapula who own a hot Flavia. Flavia is the daughter of the senator-competitor and that’s why both owners make go through all horrors and hell of the bdsm art captivation. Brutus and Crapula often watch Flavia and all her rivals fooling around, fighting or fisting on the arena. The more she took part in this violent bdsm artwork hair-raiser, the happier went all her viewers! Long life to awesome templeton bdsm comics Flavia!

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african torture The Africa has been well-known for its notorious slave trade among tribes for centuries, but the slave trade that is held in this brutal bdsm comics tops all record! Two pretty bdsm art fluffs are drilled and exercised to become whores for sale! They are taught all details of the bdsm art in order to become a best-selling scarlet fish of this cruel comics! Helen is having her breasts injected with long syringe and she is insane about! What amazingly booby ladies were selected for this brutal comics!
Illustrations and cover by Aries.

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cheerleaders sold When three cheerleaders and one sexy gal disappear, it may cause no scandal in usual situation, but those four stunners are angel-like Aphrodites of love! Four violent bastards hijacked them and drove into some isolated house. Imagine four ravenous older age executioners deriding over fernando bdsm comics victims and doing all they want to! All four things are denuded, beaten and have their mouths plugged with covers! The bdsm artwork dreams of several older age freaks have come to be real! These nasty bdsm art whores know what to do!

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sex captives of terror prison There can be nothing worse for a sweet young lady to get into a dark prison with heaps of naked sex-insatiable male and female prisoners, and even worse brutal bdsm comics ladies-guardians punishing and leathering every bdsm art bait just for nothing! Angelita is one of those poor sexy mistresses that were unlucky to end up in this prison to be sentenced to unmerciful tim richards bdsm artwork punishments and tortures! Melosa is the main tim richards bdsm artwork comics warder that commands the whole process making all jailers go through those unbelievable pangs!
Illustrated by Tim.

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the fall of scorpio The fact that the night NY was guarded not only by police patrols, but by nasty superlady dressed in all read is no secret for New Yorkers! A bang of criminals that were robbing and raving a breasty angel was stopped exactly by superlady in red. One of the mafia dons decides to put cagri comics vendetta on this superslut and her well-stacked colleague in the court that accused him! The army of bdsm art monsters caught both poodles and decided to put them on the punishment table and wall! A real bdsm artwork bedlam has started for them!

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Going on the world-round tour with own young family can be pretty risky cause you may be seized by the band of gangsters like it happened with this family and all brutal bdsm comics horrors they survived afterwards! The dad was dispatched to the faggot jailer while mom was put into cruel comics jug and sexploited as bdsm art sex slave! Uhu! I’d use mom for own penis myself cause she has such tits that my dicks goes wild about her! The twin daughter were handed to the brutal comics Bermudez that enjoy deriding over unprotected young preys! Mummy has to gallop on the Governor’s phallus daily!

203 pages profusely and beautifully illustrated by Scott.