slave trade
A well-known fact is that all girls who have ended up in the Oriental countries as slaves either on their own will or grabbed and sold underwent all seven circles of the Eastern brutal comics hell! These ones, for instance, are painfully roped, beaten and have dildos deeply in their assholes. The maiden on the central brutal comics picture has almost sunk in jets of white fluid.

Confiscated Twins
Depraved Mrs. Bauer lives from hand to mouth practicing eroticism and giving her attractions to every Tom, Dick and Harry, but what her surprise is when the new owner of her lodging expresses desire to create a new bdsm comic galleries hell with both of her young luscious daughties! The gals are harnessed like horses, fucked while being cabled, have own tits used as baskets in supermarkets, whatever… but all this for the sake of new cultic bdsm comic galleries!

Damian Crucifictions
The Ancient Rome is famous not only for its conquers, poets and technical inventions, but also for cruelty and mercilessness with which its harlotry worshippers dedicate years to crucifying and deriding over the most beautiful youthful females of the Empire in the most awful rome porn bdsm comics ways! The Emperor Damian is to blame for all that! He is the most well-known brutal bdsm comics hero.

The Electrican
Suffering from problems with electricity at home, the lass who lives home alone calls for an electrician to arrive and fix her hardships once and forever! The guy who arrives to the breasty MILF proves to be a brutal comics guy who adores to torment all-alone young females. He undresses, ties and goes even further exposing her to the most violent brutal comics anguish!

Chain Gang
This atrocious White Slavery returns in the USA in this bdsm toon comic story telling about thousands of ultra sexy and peachy baby dolls being secretly kidnapped, transported and derided in the most terrible and awful bdsm toon comic cells! Here is one of them denuded, leathered and fucked, while the other one’s pussies are atrociously screwed!

Damian Crucifixions 2
As the history of the Ancient Rome reveals, the most part of its elite classes were fond of the rome porn bdsm comics executions manifested in its cruelest forms that were crucifixions of the young women! In some pictures of these you see youthful crummy damsels crucified on crosses and stroked by Roman aristocrats, or the same female bdsm artwork preys galloping on mighty Roman bananas.

The Longest Journey
This is one of the most ruthless and truest bdsm artwork comics telling us about the destiny of two young sizzling hookers Mia and Sherry that ended up in central Africa absolutely accidentally! Being caught by black bandits in broad day-light, both are transported to the dark bdsm artwork comics dungeon where they are denuded, whipped, unmercifully roped and pounded of course.

barbarian queen
Barbarian queen quoom Neyra is holding fight against Romans on the Northern border of the Empire and Romans revenge to her for that in the most merciless way. Well, the one is caught by Roman after a series of fierce combats and being naked firstly put into cage, but then crucified on the cross! The barbarian queen Neyra goes to be sexually destroyed right on that cross!

After her town was occupied by the fascists, this young big-breasted babe fell victim of the atrocious quoom 3d captain and his fierce quoom privates that got her undressed, hanged on the hook and started pushing a piece of white cloth into her mouth! After that, she is quartered on the quoom 3d torturing wheel!

iciny queen
To punish the mutinous queen of the Iciny tribe for rising a revolt, they exposed her nude body with hirsute chinchilla on the main square of London on the wooden triangle and got down to groping her heavenly booby quoom bdsm naked body! Hell! How tremendous and sweet her Norma Snockers and Kippersville are!