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Unholy Order Normally, females are extremely curious beings, but if a lady is reporter and spying after an illegal group of the sex-minded fanatics with a juggy young friends of hers, both lassies will get hostages of those brutal bdsm comics beasts sooner or later! Well, they are exposed very fast and grabbed by harsh monks immediately. For them, there starts a hellish bdsm art Bacchanalia that will have no end and won’t finish until both lovelies will fall breathless on the ground. Lying naked on the moist floor in the dark prison cell, gals dreams of nothing but fleeing, but it was not to be! The insatiable cruel comics hangsmen are tearing their bodies and hanging on the ropes. This time sexy reporters ended up in a real brutal comics Odyssey! Click here to read full story

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Slave Traders Next time those bitches won’t dance so seductively in the night disco house and seduce debauched bar visitors with own sex-appeal amenities. No wonder they became preys of one of the most gripping brutal bdsm comics by the end of which they’ll be trained to be top-gun bdsm art mistresses and sold in the slave market! And how can such booby erotic beauties nor put hair on the millions of male chests and not raise billions of penises1 Flogging and executing will become favorites of these brutal comics nasties! After special instructions, hotties will fall in love with all tortures of the cruel comics any bdsm lark has to go through! Click here to read full comic

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Beauty Queens in Harem Horny Persian guys need some white chicks in their harem, so they kidnap and brand some Europeans, and fuck them until they become their sluts in cruel comics.
Growing tired of the brown skinned girls in their harem, these Persian guys want to see what it’s like to fuck some hot Europeans. They find some at a hotel, and try them out before chaining them together and leading them back to their lair. Everyone’s excited to try out the new white girls, even the other slaves! They make sure to treat them like animals, locking them in cages and humiliating them, and that’s before the torture and the sex! They even brand their asses in the BDSM art.

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Pony Farm Read all about how a woman gets turned into a sexy pony at the pony farm with this BDSM art that shows you every torturous step to make her transformation complete.
Don’t go to this pony farm and expect to see any real ponies! Instead, what you’re treated to is a bunch of subservient women being showed to a mass audience after being tortured and made to submit until they become their master’s cute little ponies! The process is a rough one in these brutal BDSM comics for breaking the girl’s spirit, with whips, chains, gags and even enemas showing the girls who’s the boss now. Teresa goes from being a woman with no real purpose to a perfect busty pony girl. Click here to read full novel

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Payback's a Bitch She left her friend in a bad neighborhood for a man, but she’s going to pay in BDSM art by having her body harshly tortured and fucked by her and her new friends.
Girls can be really mean to each other, huh? Jenna and Violet are really good friends from school. But as soon as Jenna could score a hot guy, she dumps Violet out of her car into a terrible neighborhood in these brutal BDSM comics! You know she won’t let that slide, and she’s got a plan to get her back the next day. She made some friends in that neighborhood who kidnap her. They beat and fuck her before Violet finishes the job, even fucking the man that she wanted to bang right in front of her!
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Desert Slaves There’s big money in white girls over in the desert, as they fetch a ton for these busty white chicks in brutal BDSM comics, and torture and fuck them forever.
These cute white girls in these cruel comics are always used to getting their way. But when a deal is struck to kidnap them and sell them off to some desert dwellers, they become powerless! Once the transaction is complete, it’s time to beat them and punish them to make them submissive. Before selling them, they tested out the white girls they got, and the black chicks they had in the desert. Watch as the blondes are humiliated and fucked by tons of guys, and even dark girls with big strap-on dildos!

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Frankie Steinn's Monster These barely legal girls find out what evil lurks when a female doctor, her ugly assistant, and their created monster make them sex slaves in adult comics bdsm monster.
To get away from female slavery, these three chicks took a trip after graduating school, not knowing what’s in store in these adult comics bdsm monster. They were lost, and they pulled over to a castle with a doctor putting the finishing touches on her creation. They asked to spend the night, and the doctor’s assistant made sure they slept well by drugging them and having his way with one of them. While the doctor got her pussy licked by one, and Igor fucked the other, the monster learned how to screw, too!

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The Grove These rich fuckers in these Gary Roberts comics the grove meet up to enjoy women from all over the world who are tortured for their amusement, and who are submissive to their needs
Have you ever heard of The Grove? I bet you haven’t. There are a lot of private clubs in America where rich people meet and do rich people things, but this is a little bit different than that. While some may like to go golfing or sightseeing, these guys like to take part in sexual perversions that know no bounds in these cruel comics! Gorgeous women are captured and tied up like animals, forced to commit sex acts not only on the guys, but each other, all while being whipped and beaten.

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Missing Reporter Liberia is no place for a busty female reporter, and when she’s captured, she pays the price in cruel comics by being beaten, tortured, humiliated and of course fucked.
Can you believe that they sent this hot reporter chick out to Liberia to cover their civil unrest? People are getting shot and killed all the time there, but since she’s hot, they take her in and tie her up for some fun. Their court system allows her to be spread open and fucked to see if she lives. Thankfully for her, she only becomes a sex slave! They made her clean toilets with her tongue, suck as many cocks as she could before fucking them, and even please cruel mistresses in BDSM art. »»»

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Beach Hunter 2 Two girls working on their tans get swiped off the beach by a horny guy and thrown into his dungeon, where he tortures them and fucks them with two others in BDSM art.
Can you believe how hot these lesbians are? They’re so naughty for each other that they don’t even get off the beach to start kissing. Of course, that leaves them prone to this pervert in these brutal BDSM comics, who ties them both up and throws them in his dirty van! He’s a grimy fuck that likes to piss and shit on girls before torturing them and fucking them. He humiliates them further by bringing up personal information and making them call their boyfriends while he fucks them! How cruel!

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