Gary Roberts black van house invasion

on January 18, 2012 in Gary Roberts

You know, the house looks the same as always, except that black van nearby. No one could have even though that this black van is full of horny maniacs. As soon as dad drives away at work it is just the time these crazy maniacs can get a hold onto three luxurious girls. They wait no more and assault the house and turn the garage into a place of torturing! Yeah, these three hot ladies are tied up and gagged real tight. Now, since dad has left the house there is nobody to stop them. The maniacs have a big bag of different instruments, which they are very eager to use. Just in a minute, all three of these chicks will have the best time in their lives. They will get banged to hard and good, that these girls won’t even think of telling it to their dad. Check out this crazy Gary Roberts black van magazine.

gary roberts black van

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