Chinese secret agent cruel sex comics

on February 22, 2012 in Feather

Dr. Horace is back with more female torture and humiliation. These cruel sex comics are here to prove it to you. Alright, in this episode, we have Dr. Horace, which is an evil genius and currently working on machine, that will brainwash anyone and break his will. The government is giving funds for him to work on his researching, but they don’t know, that Dr. Horace has long ago made It work and now is having fun with his test subjects in the basement. You have no idea how evil this guy is! He even managed to capture agent Kitty from S.L.U.T and now is waiting for the other members of the crew to rescue her. He knows, that team S.L.U.T is full of hot, gorgeous chicks and is prepared to get assaulted at any moment. As soon as S.L.U.T will storm his lab there will be some really nasty action going on.

Cruel Sex Comics

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