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Don’t you know yet what those lovely slender Amazons are capable of? Just see vintage bdsm comics and get the fullest charge out of it all! Those girlies allow to get themselves screwed into all holes, but the position of freestyle is one of their favorites. Their buttocks are ready to make stand high any crab ladder and always happy to let even the army of the bell-ropes into that fairy-tale and legendary world. Those bothered heroines of the vintage bdsm comics don’t take pity on the happy babes, and firmly rope their arms, providing lovelies with unbearable anguish.

Chain Gang
This atrocious White Slavery returns in the USA in this bdsm toon comic story telling about thousands of ultra sexy and peachy baby dolls being secretly kidnapped, transported and derided in the most terrible and awful bdsm toon comic cells! Here is one of them denuded, leathered and fucked, while the other one’s pussies are atrociously screwed!

Oh! It’s better not to be snatched by this disheveled, a bit off-the-bend and two-fisted Goliath! In tim richards bdsm artwork comics he was given an assignment to punish two delinquent babes, and he performed the command for real. As a first step, he placed colleens with their booties on the sharp spears, when girlies went off their rocks having got down to beating their beautiful tender bodies. The sweethearts went squirting cause of intolerable anguish. Throughout tim richards bdsm artwork comics, you will witness how tormented and raped candies prowled the field.

sex captives of terror prison There can be nothing worse for a sweet young lady to get into a dark prison with heaps of naked sex-insatiable male and female prisoners, and even worse brutal bdsm comics ladies-guardians punishing and leathering every bdsm art bait just for nothing! Angelita is one of those poor sexy mistresses that were unlucky to end up in this prison to be sentenced to unmerciful tim richards bdsm artwork punishments and tortures! Melosa is the main tim richards bdsm artwork comics warder that commands the whole process making all jailers go through those unbelievable pangs!
Illustrated by Tim.

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