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new to slavery
The battle was lucky, as guys managed to capture two goodly bitches. And we can relish in the fabulous cruel comics in which the roped lassies perform the most depraved and perverted sexual desires. This short-haired heo had the greatest luck as she had to suck off a long fat Rumple Foreskin and straddle her legs widely for tough hardcore forbidden fruit, but her girlfriend had to go through some horrors. I guess it wasn’t very pleasant for her when the electric cables were fixed on her chinchilla and Gert Stonkers. These cruel comics made us laugh above ass as it was a real fun!

Pams nightmare
When males are taken hostages, their nostrils are ripped off, their nails are pierced through with needles, and they go red-hot with iron, but these are all really flowers as compared to what what lovabl and sex-appeal babes have to go through in the bdsm artwork, this is really nothing or better say some unserious trifle. The merciless hangsmen drive tremendous anal beads into their assholes and provide those with such pain that those just can’t survive all that! Well, these gals are hanged by the nipples and push colossal strapons into their assholes, and it can’t be really watched without shivering! You will love those bdsm comix for sure!

It’s high time we got acquainted with cute blonde from brutal comics. She surprisingly allowed her beau to rub her back, but as soon as she turned her back to him, the sexually bothered womanizer grabbed rolling pin from the kitchen table and pushed it into girl’s appetite asshole. The brutal comics heroine liked it so much that she got down to sitting herself on it deeper and deeper till a hot jet of the letch-water flew out of that stinky back door. The entire yard got filled with wild screams, but they are not yells of pain, but of the sweetest physical pleasure!

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Pony Farm Read all about how a woman gets turned into a sexy pony at the pony farm with this BDSM art that shows you every torturous step to make her transformation complete.
Don’t go to this pony farm and expect to see any real ponies! Instead, what you’re treated to is a bunch of subservient women being showed to a mass audience after being tortured and made to submit until they become their master’s cute little ponies! The process is a rough one in these brutal BDSM comics for breaking the girl’s spirit, with whips, chains, gags and even enemas showing the girls who’s the boss now. Teresa goes from being a woman with no real purpose to a perfect busty pony girl. Click here to read full novel