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Moron Joss Templeton
Hot and bothered fatso sits at his comp round the clock enjoying brutal templeton bdsm comics. Staring at the bound slatterns, he ruthlessly beats his colossal meat. But the bloke is certainly dying for alive acute experiences and real adult & cruel games. He took notice of the pretty blonde a long time ago and managed to lock her in his own underground. A poor prey has to endure whipping and electric charges making her body tremble in convulsions. And brutal sex toys and powerful penis are just tearing apart her fresh young body!

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rome This brutal templeton bdsm comics returns us to the Ancient Roman times and traditions of buying and deriding over slaves. Slaves were not better than cattle in the Ancient Roman, and Brutus and Crapula who own a hot Flavia. Flavia is the daughter of the senator-competitor and that’s why both owners make go through all horrors and hell of the bdsm art captivation. Brutus and Crapula often watch Flavia and all her rivals fooling around, fighting or fisting on the arena. The more she took part in this violent bdsm artwork hair-raiser, the happier went all her viewers! Long life to awesome templeton bdsm comics Flavia!

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