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fansadox collection 282 She didn’t know for long that her daughter has been utilized as bait in the sex slave trade between legalized Western harems of some wealthy guys, and this big-breasted mature bitch goes trapped by the sheikh’s fowling net and going through a series of bdsm sex toons adventures, she goes to be all the same sado-maso prostitute! The one is harshly beaten, has all her limbs tied and even nipples pierced with bdsm sex toons rings that make her cry with anguish every time someone pulls them off.

The Longest Journey
This is one of the most ruthless and truest bdsm artwork comics telling us about the destiny of two young sizzling hookers Mia and Sherry that ended up in central Africa absolutely accidentally! Being caught by black bandits in broad day-light, both are transported to the dark bdsm artwork comics dungeon where they are denuded, whipped, unmercifully roped and pounded of course.