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Slave market
They say that the times of the sexual slavery have passed into oblivion long time ago, but it is in full bloom, and the fantastic bdsm art is the best proof of all that. Here the most beautiful and gorgeous ladies go snatched by the sexually ravenous boys that pierced girlish nipples and chochas with colossal rings in a really atrocious way. Now, the cheesecakes are getting covered with blood and dying in the sexual derisions. This is the most dropd-dead-go bdsm art that I have ever had an opportunity to feast eyes on!

slave trade
A well-known fact is that all girls who have ended up in the Oriental countries as slaves either on their own will or grabbed and sold underwent all seven circles of the Eastern brutal comics hell! These ones, for instance, are painfully roped, beaten and have dildos deeply in their assholes. The maiden on the central brutal comics picture has almost sunk in jets of white fluid.

I don’t know what the fault of the good brunette (the heroine of cruel comics) is, but a terrible dispatch expects her. Beaten and assaulted, with breasts through-pierced with iron nails, she drags through the whole town. A hangsman expects her already in the square, having prepared a long sharpened stab beforehand. This female martyr is to sit down exactly on that pole in the cruel comics. The pussy gets torn apart and bleeds. Bitter gasps come out of the tortured female chest, and the crowd exults exited by the sight of bruises, trimmings and tears. The cruel comics atrocities don’t limit themselves yet…