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fansadox collection 280 The Government of the Earth shouldn’t have sent Mad Satan to the Mars Penal Colony, because once he revolted and gained control of the both prison administration and convicts, he demanded all females to become extreme bdsm art preys of the men, mining Martinite, and getting this female supply constantly restocked to inspire his guys to work even harder! After a few months of extreme bdsm art tortures and derisions, the life of all female security guards and other shapely extreme bdsm art sheilas turned into real hell.

MARS PENAL COLONY It’s high time you watched the cruel comics the plot of which takes place on the unfamiliar planet. The full of piss and vinegar Earth dwellers have enslaved local inhabitants again and made them work for themselves. Unhappy dark-skinned guys work in the labs day and night, and then languish in the cages. They are yearning for food and sexy princesses. The heroes of the bdsm comix picked up several beautiful babes with themselves not in vain whom they are ready to give to the sexually hungry muzhiks. The roped sweeties with lugged mouths are bearing pain and suffering from everybody!

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runaway daughter by moffett The main heroine of the fabulous brutal bdsm comics is sex-appeal that made up her mind to thumb a ride. The babe didn’t know that the driver that had so pleasantly agreed to give her a lift was a hot and bothered jerk that decided to fuck her right in the truck. Having bound her tightly, muzhik decided to play with her kittens noses that were sticking out so much seductively. Having played with his prey to the top of his bend, the driver brought a poor maiden to old barn and enchained her. That’s gonna be a great sex toy for his friends! This is the best adult comics!

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defeated The Hundred Year’s War destroyed not only both France and England, but lives of thousands of sexy blue-eyed lassies tortured or crawled to the death during that century of horror. Catherine and Marianne, two daughters of the well-known duke, were caught and given to the red-blooded bdsm art comics hangsman that was allowed to play the most ruthless cruel comics things with them! After the castle was re-occupied by the party of enemies, both booby frails were handed to coarse bdsm art freaks! Enjoy the most violent bdsm art comics scenes!