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Sexy gary Roberts war slaves get caught

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Two very beautiful soldiers were on a special scouting mission. Everything would have been great if not their sexiness. When you’re in the desert riding a truck and far away from your headquarters , things can get very dangerous. A mine has detonated just behind their truck. The two generals were very lucky to stay alive after such an explosion. Of course their truck broke down and they had to walk by foot now. But as soon as they got out of the burning truck the two generals were assaulted by the enemy soldiers who decided to capture such beautiful generals. Things got even worse as soon as they were in the enemy headquarters. But lucky for them, such hot babes know how to suck cock and take it in the ass properly, so they won’t have any problem with the enemy forces. Gary Roberts war slaves love getting nailed by a bunch of army men!

Gary Roberts War

Gary Roberts black van house invasion

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You know, the house looks the same as always, except that black van nearby. No one could have even though that this black van is full of horny maniacs. As soon as dad drives away at work it is just the time these crazy maniacs can get a hold onto three luxurious girls. They wait no more and assault the house and turn the garage into a place of torturing! Yeah, these three hot ladies are tied up and gagged real tight. Now, since dad has left the house there is nobody to stop them. The maniacs have a big bag of different instruments, which they are very eager to use. Just in a minute, all three of these chicks will have the best time in their lives. They will get banged to hard and good, that these girls won’t even think of telling it to their dad. Check out this crazy Gary Roberts black van magazine.

gary roberts black van

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The Collection Gary Roberts Salacious womanizers adore cruel comics with alluring morts
Just see what the guys in masks are doing with innocent gals in brutal bdsm comics! They tie poor souls, get their potato holes plugged and make them leap on the long strapons! Don’t pay attention to the girl’s gasps and groans as they like to have own cunt holes elaborated by he sex toys very much. And girls also care for enticing male hands groping inside their pinky and soaking girlish vaginas and stick iron pegs on their nipples! It puts so much hair on their chests! But the boys have already played with kitties quite eough and are now ready to get down to the sizzling adult sex.

black van 3 shortcut to hell roberts Two pretty madams driving to a party in another city is the sweetest bait for any debauched gents who are eager to have some frantic brutal bdsm comics sex! However, there appears a big black van out of nowhere, grabs them and carries to some remote well-hidden shelter. Here starts a fairy-tale cruel comics! Both bitches are undressed and made do things even they feel sick to get down to! They are compelled to have fun with each other and satisfuck their bdsm artwork master by tit-licking, anal fucking and filthy bdsm art catch-as-catch-can!

The Sinster Black Van is on the Hunt Again!!!

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When ladies live in the student’s campus and enjoy reputation of alluring pieces of fluff, they can’t help being seduced and stolen by some roberts bdsm comics villains sooner or later. Actually, the sheilas were local sports cheerleader and it made them even hotter! Several rascals caught them and brought to the dark barn. Later on, there starts an appalling reality of any roberts bdsm comics. Manacles, tight rope, lashing and being put up for auction… After being stripped and sold, there started a nasty bdsm art slavery!


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Latin males are inexpressibly hot towards European frails, but US bitches are no different in this respect! When three wonderful American calicos get to one of the Latin states, they are suddenly arrested and brought to one of the local secret prisoners, and their gary roberts bdsm comics fate is solved! Yes, they are stark naked, sizzling and offended in every possible way! Three nude ero beauties are playing bdsm art games with each other fingering and rubbing all private parts! Hey, it’s so nice to have own shaved kitty licked off or flogged by the muscled bdsm art bandits! The lovable sluts are so much amazing!

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51 full color comic pages by Roberts

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The Grove These rich fuckers in these Gary Roberts comics the grove meet up to enjoy women from all over the world who are tortured for their amusement, and who are submissive to their needs
Have you ever heard of The Grove? I bet you haven’t. There are a lot of private clubs in America where rich people meet and do rich people things, but this is a little bit different than that. While some may like to go golfing or sightseeing, these guys like to take part in sexual perversions that know no bounds in these cruel comics! Gorgeous women are captured and tied up like animals, forced to commit sex acts not only on the guys, but each other, all while being whipped and beaten.

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