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fansadox collection 279 Holly Royce and Brooke Miller found themselves in this private island mansion in an evil hour, because three gangsters headed by the most violent thug in the world broke out of prison to get even with Holly’s dad, State Prosecutor Duncan Royce for his having pushed the gang’s leader into jail years ago. But not having found dad in the estate, robbers find his daughter and a female friend of hers and immediately decided to take out on girls, having turned their recreation into interracial bdsm comics. Those are undressed, hanged to the ceiling and have their nipples pierced. The real interracial bdsm comics!

Confiscated Twins
Depraved Mrs. Bauer lives from hand to mouth practicing eroticism and giving her attractions to every Tom, Dick and Harry, but what her surprise is when the new owner of her lodging expresses desire to create a new bdsm comic galleries hell with both of her young luscious daughties! The gals are harnessed like horses, fucked while being cabled, have own tits used as baskets in supermarkets, whatever… but all this for the sake of new cultic bdsm comic galleries!

This cruel comics tells about an isolated Dead Shark Island lost somewhere in the Northwest Pacific and inhibited by monstrous Mr. Rockwell hunting down tender sex-appeal young friskies and arranging all kinds of atrocities upon them! He has a gang of the cruel comics gangsters helping him in his brutal work! This time the island is visited by older age professor and two scorching booby assistants of his. After professor is taken hostage, two ladies are tossed into some barn, denuded and derided in such a coarse way that no other cruel comics will tell you more persuadingly about it!

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The future promises us not only wealth and prosperity. Why? Most of fantasy writers claim that the future will bring new violent laws, slave markets and Church ruling whole continents. Look at these amazing heroines of the burning brutal bdsm comics and all atrocities the bdsm art masters of the world would do with poor sluts! Come on, babes! The cruel comics you are going to end up in are not gonna be pity-taking to you! Your Norma Snockers, fumbler’s halls and all other geography bits will know what a brutal comics host can do when his phallus is mad!

An Awful World Created By World-Class Artist Fernando…

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cheerleaders sold When three cheerleaders and one sexy gal disappear, it may cause no scandal in usual situation, but those four stunners are angel-like Aphrodites of love! Four violent bastards hijacked them and drove into some isolated house. Imagine four ravenous older age executioners deriding over fernando bdsm comics victims and doing all they want to! All four things are denuded, beaten and have their mouths plugged with covers! The bdsm artwork dreams of several older age freaks have come to be real! These nasty bdsm art whores know what to do!

The Hottest Comic Series Ever Published!

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Payback's a Bitch She left her friend in a bad neighborhood for a man, but she’s going to pay in BDSM art by having her body harshly tortured and fucked by her and her new friends.
Girls can be really mean to each other, huh? Jenna and Violet are really good friends from school. But as soon as Jenna could score a hot guy, she dumps Violet out of her car into a terrible neighborhood in these brutal BDSM comics! You know she won’t let that slide, and she’s got a plan to get her back the next day. She made some friends in that neighborhood who kidnap her. They beat and fuck her before Violet finishes the job, even fucking the man that she wanted to bang right in front of her!
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