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fansadox collection 286 Last time there disappear more and more pretty young girl in the female dormitory, and two inseparable buddies Linzie and Carole decide to find out what happens, but before this they tease a sexually depressed janitor who is to blame for femdom bdsm toons underworld. As soon as two bitches disappear store room, someone shuts their mouths, ties and pushes to the group of other naked female students that have recently vanished for some reason. So, the femdom bdsm toons story is gathering steam and soon you are gonna find all the bitches tightly bound and beaten.

fansadox collection 277 The whole city knows her by her reading news on the daily basis and being the most beautiful cruel bdsm artwork news anchor, but when reporting about the mutiny in the city last time, the studio is attacked by throng of militants that get her undressed, tie to the red luxurious car and show her to the whole city. This is unbelievable turn of events in the cruel bdsm artwork, but super sex-appeal and ample-breasted silvertip Linda Harries became a nine’s day wonder that shocked the whole world as a matter of fact. Nail-biting cruel bdsm artwork is a real humdinger!

Due to the brutal comics, we know what they do with lassies in the East. We have taught those hustlers so many times of all those things like wearing hijab, but No, those vixens walk along the streets in short dresses because of what they get into hands of those lechers full of piss and vinegar. What kind of perversions the babes have to endure in the brutal comics! Roped and crucified, they present own bodies to tens of the ravenous hirsute hands under strokes of the whips! Naked and humiliated, beauties from brutal comics are exposed to the public eye, and every debauched bastard is allowed to do anything they are eager!

Harem 2007 by Cagri.

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Being a rather beautiful and eye-catching piece of muslin on the one hand, but a truth-devoted international reporter on the other, Maggie Taylor risked either to lose everything or to become a global journalist star setting off on a journey to one of the most wicked and mysterious Middle East sheikhs. Due to the talented bdsm artwork comics artist, Maggie plunges into the very whirlpool of the sheikh palace where all previous sex stars disappeared before. She is denuded and brought before sheikh who is sitting with a whip in his hand and all that kind of stuff! He gets her leathered in his bdsm artwork comics narration and leaves a bloody red cross on both of her buns! Intolerable pleasure!

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Girls, be very careful when making friends with some attractive young strangers cause they may look extremely stylish but have a different inside! That’s what happened with this comely blonde! The muscled guy she got acquainted proved to be one of the owners of the Harlem brutal bdsm comics brothels. She was hijacked to be sold for pleasure! Her cruel comics sufferings were only starting! Desperate, nude and tortured, the red-streak was sold to some money bag and was made to make happy Mafia Don. Her destiny as bdsm art gift was decided!

A great comic by the author of chained cargo and lost in Apeworld.

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A mom and daughter arrived at another country looking for romance, happiness and calmness for own soul! Arguing with each other, two beautiful ladies didn’t notice how their purse was stolen and a bit later both were engaged into unbelievable hardcore bdsm comics story. Their heads were struck and damsels came to themselves in the narrow dark cell only. Soon, there appeared a few jailers with whips and came to leather madams as much as possible. All violence and wildness of the hardcore bdsm comics fell upon the pussies and assholes of these raunchy babes.

Trapped Tourists Too hard to be true…

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the fall of scorpio The fact that the night NY was guarded not only by police patrols, but by nasty superlady dressed in all read is no secret for New Yorkers! A bang of criminals that were robbing and raving a breasty angel was stopped exactly by superlady in red. One of the mafia dons decides to put cagri comics vendetta on this superslut and her well-stacked colleague in the court that accused him! The army of bdsm art monsters caught both poodles and decided to put them on the punishment table and wall! A real bdsm artwork bedlam has started for them!

Full English Version

Missing Reporter Liberia is no place for a busty female reporter, and when she’s captured, she pays the price in cruel comics by being beaten, tortured, humiliated and of course fucked.
Can you believe that they sent this hot reporter chick out to Liberia to cover their civil unrest? People are getting shot and killed all the time there, but since she’s hot, they take her in and tie her up for some fun. Their court system allows her to be spread open and fucked to see if she lives. Thankfully for her, she only becomes a sex slave! They made her clean toilets with her tongue, suck as many cocks as she could before fucking them, and even please cruel mistresses in BDSM art. »»»

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