Beauty Queens in Harem by Pyat

on April 2, 2010 in Pyat
bdsm art cruel bdsm stories and art bdsm stories and drawings girl bdsm anal torture art work

Beauty Queens in Harem Horny Persian guys need some white chicks in their harem, so they kidnap and brand some Europeans, and fuck them until they become their sluts in cruel comics.
Growing tired of the brown skinned girls in their harem, these Persian guys want to see what it’s like to fuck some hot Europeans. They find some at a hotel, and try them out before chaining them together and leading them back to their lair. Everyone’s excited to try out the new white girls, even the other slaves! They make sure to treat them like animals, locking them in cages and humiliating them, and that’s before the torture and the sex! They even brand their asses in the BDSM art.

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