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fansadox collection 279 Holly Royce and Brooke Miller found themselves in this private island mansion in an evil hour, because three gangsters headed by the most violent thug in the world broke out of prison to get even with Holly’s dad, State Prosecutor Duncan Royce for his having pushed the gang’s leader into jail years ago. But not having found dad in the estate, robbers find his daughter and a female friend of hers and immediately decided to take out on girls, having turned their recreation into interracial bdsm comics. Those are undressed, hanged to the ceiling and have their nipples pierced. The real interracial bdsm comics!

fansadox collection 278 When four young pretty angels (Savannah, Brooke, Jodie and Mylie) drive through vast prairie of Texas, being all carefree and searching for nothing but hair-raiser, it is a good reason for some sex-minded rude bdsm art cop to stop the car, arrest morts and get them hailed for any triviality. So, they are stopped by the local sheriff finally and after the document check, the young bitches were delivered to the local police station. Working alone that day, sheriff was free to do anything he desired about those fabulous rude bdsm art whores.

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