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The heroines of the lesbian bdsm comics don’t even suspect what horrors expect them! They are making lesbian love in a peaceful way and entertaining with oral necking. But whores didn’t have to get happy for long as they got into clutches to the bothered lord that started deriding over each of them separately. As the roped ample-breasted blonde in thes lesbian bdsm comics learnt how painful it is when stroked upon the head, but you can’t even scream as the mouth is firmly plugged with dirty cloth. And after the lad almost bit off her ear, the queen all went covered with large drops of the sweat. And then the kookie together with her redhead girlfriend had to service her bothered brunette!

MARS PENAL COLONY It’s high time you watched the cruel comics the plot of which takes place on the unfamiliar planet. The full of piss and vinegar Earth dwellers have enslaved local inhabitants again and made them work for themselves. Unhappy dark-skinned guys work in the labs day and night, and then languish in the cages. They are yearning for food and sexy princesses. The heroes of the bdsm comix picked up several beautiful babes with themselves not in vain whom they are ready to give to the sexually hungry muzhiks. The roped sweeties with lugged mouths are bearing pain and suffering from everybody!

In the dark Medieval times, when Europe was settled by fairy heroes, Old Nicks and quoom artwork scanks not only frightened people, but also made sex in the most secluded and sacred pagan places all over the continent. In these pictures a violent hobgoblin has roped a hideous scank and is doing her from behind in the very quoom artwork way!