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black van 3 shortcut to hell roberts Two pretty madams driving to a party in another city is the sweetest bait for any debauched gents who are eager to have some frantic brutal bdsm comics sex! However, there appears a big black van out of nowhere, grabs them and carries to some remote well-hidden shelter. Here starts a fairy-tale cruel comics! Both bitches are undressed and made do things even they feel sick to get down to! They are compelled to have fun with each other and satisfuck their bdsm artwork master by tit-licking, anal fucking and filthy bdsm art catch-as-catch-can!

The Sinster Black Van is on the Hunt Again!!!

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Girls, be very careful when making friends with some attractive young strangers cause they may look extremely stylish but have a different inside! That’s what happened with this comely blonde! The muscled guy she got acquainted proved to be one of the owners of the Harlem brutal bdsm comics brothels. She was hijacked to be sold for pleasure! Her cruel comics sufferings were only starting! Desperate, nude and tortured, the red-streak was sold to some money bag and was made to make happy Mafia Don. Her destiny as bdsm art gift was decided!

A great comic by the author of chained cargo and lost in Apeworld.

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A mom and daughter arrived at another country looking for romance, happiness and calmness for own soul! Arguing with each other, two beautiful ladies didn’t notice how their purse was stolen and a bit later both were engaged into unbelievable hardcore bdsm comics story. Their heads were struck and damsels came to themselves in the narrow dark cell only. Soon, there appeared a few jailers with whips and came to leather madams as much as possible. All violence and wildness of the hardcore bdsm comics fell upon the pussies and assholes of these raunchy babes.

Trapped Tourists Too hard to be true…

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When ladies live in the student’s campus and enjoy reputation of alluring pieces of fluff, they can’t help being seduced and stolen by some roberts bdsm comics villains sooner or later. Actually, the sheilas were local sports cheerleader and it made them even hotter! Several rascals caught them and brought to the dark barn. Later on, there starts an appalling reality of any roberts bdsm comics. Manacles, tight rope, lashing and being put up for auction… After being stripped and sold, there started a nasty bdsm art slavery!