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sex captives of terror prison There can be nothing worse for a sweet young lady to get into a dark prison with heaps of naked sex-insatiable male and female prisoners, and even worse brutal bdsm comics ladies-guardians punishing and leathering every bdsm art bait just for nothing! Angelita is one of those poor sexy mistresses that were unlucky to end up in this prison to be sentenced to unmerciful tim richards bdsm artwork punishments and tortures! Melosa is the main tim richards bdsm artwork comics warder that commands the whole process making all jailers go through those unbelievable pangs!
Illustrated by Tim.

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the fall of scorpio The fact that the night NY was guarded not only by police patrols, but by nasty superlady dressed in all read is no secret for New Yorkers! A bang of criminals that were robbing and raving a breasty angel was stopped exactly by superlady in red. One of the mafia dons decides to put cagri comics vendetta on this superslut and her well-stacked colleague in the court that accused him! The army of bdsm art monsters caught both poodles and decided to put them on the punishment table and wall! A real bdsm artwork bedlam has started for them!

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Going on the world-round tour with own young family can be pretty risky cause you may be seized by the band of gangsters like it happened with this family and all brutal bdsm comics horrors they survived afterwards! The dad was dispatched to the faggot jailer while mom was put into cruel comics jug and sexploited as bdsm art sex slave! Uhu! I’d use mom for own penis myself cause she has such tits that my dicks goes wild about her! The twin daughter were handed to the brutal comics Bermudez that enjoy deriding over unprotected young preys! Mummy has to gallop on the Governor’s phallus daily!

203 pages profusely and beautifully illustrated by Scott.

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Latin males are inexpressibly hot towards European frails, but US bitches are no different in this respect! When three wonderful American calicos get to one of the Latin states, they are suddenly arrested and brought to one of the local secret prisoners, and their gary roberts bdsm comics fate is solved! Yes, they are stark naked, sizzling and offended in every possible way! Three nude ero beauties are playing bdsm art games with each other fingering and rubbing all private parts! Hey, it’s so nice to have own shaved kitty licked off or flogged by the muscled bdsm art bandits! The lovable sluts are so much amazing!

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51 full color comic pages by Roberts

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Peter, the son of the nasty neighbor who lives close to the sex-appeal girl-next-door and who couldn’t expect to get such unbelievable lucky present from his dad and that kind of erenisch comics present overturned his life! Peter received his girl-next-door as a present to his birthday and was extremely happy to entertain himself in the best traditions of the bdsm artwork! He brought Maggie to his school and proposed to torture her to the uphilt of erenisch comics! Peter is having a good time with this bdsm art offering!

A beautiful young girl is delivered to her neighbors’ son as his 18th Birthday Gift!

Slave Market Here is Slave Market again with its immensely wealthy people ready to shell out millions of buck to buy bdsm art victims for themselves, international corporations selling super fine models to those tycoons. There are selected three whores sold to the group of brutal bdsm comics maniacs enjoying pangs and tortures of martyred ero babes! Denuded, groped and nipple-squeezed, they are pleasing mongrels of ravenous cruel comics money-bags! Realize your bdsm art dreams together with these madams!

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torture brothel Travelling through hot and wet Amazon jungle, one will hardly suppose that there may be some remote prison or kind of special lab that has heaps of young sheilas intended for sale into foreign brothels and become brutal bdsm comics dream-girls for every fan of the real bdsm art. Finally, a well-off hideous elderly snob arrives to this spot and instantly purchases three sweatiest candy stripers. So, all three get involved in never-ending brutal comics story in which being bound and whipped are just petty things! The millionaire can’t resist his temptation and rushes to put his filthiest bdsm art fancies into life! The cruel comics pandemonium is on the go …

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Cabin Fever Running through the woods in dark may be not so innocent as one may suppose! Deeply in the woods, there may live woodmen or simply speaking depraved freaks who dream of getting some pretty fluff in the thick of the woods, denude her, rope to the tree and screw her till the poor frail goes dead or fainted. Judith is to become this monster’s next brutal bdsm comics victim for the nearest time period! Shortly after dogging, the maiden is caught by maniac, undressed and turned into brutal comics whore! The fucker from the cruel comics is going out of town and fulfilling his wild bdsm art dream by means of this ginch!

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Inquisition Damian's In the Medieval times, the Catholic Church Inquisition did whatever it wanted with all people it considered heretics and made billions after bringing charges against those! If a sexy young lark, the one was inevitable fall into Inquisitions and go through all stages of the brutal bdsm comics hell in the dark jail or public place of the brutal comics execution. You can see several well-stacked young heifers that were unlawfully detained, locked in the prison and hurt by the horde of Holy bdsm art slaughtermen. Sweet female flesh is the easiest target for any cruel comics butcher, and witness the way brutal comics scoundrels tormented poor chicks!

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Lady in Chains Remember the frightening and at the same time spellbind tales and legends you heard when a little child to get prepared for the next daunting myth about beauty, erotica, mystic battles and vixen crept by one of the most reliable chums… A powerful sex-sizzling beldam was defeated in the merciless combat and her beaten body transformed into several fabulous young misses that became sacrifices of the barbarous enemies. The most awful brutal bdsm comics vision of the hag came true! Her young ancestors were tormented by the raunchiest beasts and brutes of the brutal comics universe! Those practiced bdsm art with all captives and these sluts were to become the highlight of the upcoming cruel comics feast!
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